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Concord Montessori School Testimonials

As a parent of 3 children, I have had the benefit of experiencing different perspectives on the preschool years due to each child's unique personality combined with different preschool settings. My youngest child is in his second year at Concord Montessori School. I continue to be amazed by his developing independence, self-assuredness, and social competence at the age of 3 years. These qualities are evident in him both in the classroom and at home. The teachers at Concord Montessori are incredibly committed to their students and dedicated to their learning experience. I look forward to watching my child further develop these qualities and continue to foster his love of learning while at Concord Montessori.
- K.S.; Concord

This is our first experience at a Montessori school, and it has been nothing short of amazing. I sometimes cannot believe what they are able to do with these young 3 and 4 year olds. They are learning so much! My daughter's ability to concentrate, her sense of independence, and her confidence have all skyrocketed this fall.

The teachers create a warm, safe environment. The students are respectful of one another and have made strong, loving friendships. My daughter simply loves school.
- Concord Mom of Three

What I love most about CMS is that the philosophy is child centered which means that a child can learn at explore at his or her own pace. A child will choose tasks for the JOY of work rather than a focus on the end result. This develops self-confidence, independence and love of learning that will stay with her forever. I see it with both my boys who went to a Montessori school. They are very creative, focused and always want to know more.

I appreciate a more hands on learning experience. At Montessori schools, my boys were exposed to educational materials that were centered around key developmental milestones, but were not toys we had at home. This was something that set CMS apart from other preschools I considered.

I feel like a Montessori classroom embraces individuality and makes every child feel special. My son was very shy and I loved that his teachers understood him and let him come out of his shell when he was ready and in his own time. Many of his classmates were spunky and outgoing and they thrived in the classroom and fit right in. While the Montessori classroom is peaceful and structured, it is also playful and creative. Every personality is seen as special and has a place in the room.

It is this attitude that fosters a kind and respectful environment among the children. The kids really enjoy being together and genuinely care about each other. Rare conflicts are resolved in a nurturing way that allows the children to speak for themselves and feel in control of their own experience.

I know there are many different schools out there and I have heard positive and negative things about each one. Every preschool comes with a different approach to learning and I appreciate that it is a difficult decision for a parent. My son still talks about CMS and how he can't wait to return and read books to Mrs. Zolfonoon's class. It is a very special place.
- M&B, Carlisle

During dinner we ask our children, ages 4 & 2, about their school day. Activities such as bubble making, paper cutting, banana slicing, story time and singing songs in Pre-Primary; sandpaper letters, "the bank", continents, leaf sorting, planting bulbs, outdoor play and of course snack table in Primary. We are amazed each day by how capable our children have become. Montessori fosters independence, encourages exploration and a natural desire to learn. Our children have great fun with their school activities and friends in a warm and loving environment. We are impressed by the curriculum and the dedicated and experienced teachers. Our children are learning math, geography, reading and real life activities they use every day in and out of class. Concord Montessori is not our first pre-school experience, but in CMS we have found our home.
- J&S, Concord

Concord Montessori School is such a special place! My son's teacher shakes his hand and looks him in the eyes each morning to happily welcome him into the classroom. At that moment, he feels important and excited to learn. He loves coming to school each day and it is a joy to watch him grow and ask more and more questions about the world around him. I feel so lucky we found Concord Montessori School…my son's creative and curious spirit is nurtured by the kindness and enthusiasm of very experienced teachers. I could not ask for anything more as a parent.
- Happy Mom of 2 Boys, Concord

My two daughters, twins, went through CMS, and now my youngest daughter is enrolled. The safety and individual attention to my children combined with strong academic program and a great community spirit are only some of the hallmarks of CMS. My children are very different from one another, and the little one was particularly rambunctious. CMS staff has integrated her in an empowering way. She has learned to assert her independence and autonomy within the gently, predictably and consistently applied rules and boundaries. In terms of academics, all of my children became early readers at CMS and have a great love for books. All three of them, despite their dramatically different learning styles and temperaments, enjoyed working with numbers and math concepts. Group conversations in class tended to carry home through follow-up questions. I am grateful to each of the teachers and staff at CMS for years of care and devotion to my children.
- Aram A

Like many parents, after our fantastic experience with CMS pre-primary and two years of primary, we began to contemplate what would be best for our daughter in the Kindergarten year. Families in this region are faced with multiple good options - and we looked into all of them. We applied to a wonderful local private school, we looked deeply at our public school (Carlisle) and we talked with the teachers at CMS.

After comparing curriculum, we were certain that there could be no more appropriate, rigorous, joyful option than CMS. That decision was quite easy. (Just looking at the math curriculum alone in both the public and private school K classes, and what our daughter was already doing at CMS, was quite astonishing.) Really, the thing that we contemplated with more uncertainty was the social aspect of Kindergarten. If she stayed at CMS, would she miss some formative bonding years with her peers at the next school? Would it be more difficult for her to make a transition as an older 1st grader, than as a K student? Would she feel left out or somehow less socially integrated entering as a 1st grader? Would a public or private school be equally welcoming to us as a first grade family than as a Kindergarten family?

I suppose that each and every family makes these decisions based on the unique personality of their child. And we were no exception. After speaking with Laurel and other teachers at CMS, we began to understand that Maria Montessori had a very grounded and wise philosophy that posited the third year of primary school as the year of mastery - the year when a child could pull together the understandings of the first two years of primary school in a way that impacted not only their intellectual development, but almost more importantly, their sense of self - their sense of confidence, what is just, and what is right. Given that we had an intelligent, kind child, but one that was not fully confident or sure of herself - - we went with CMS. For us, this was an investment in the way she could continue to ground into who she was as a person before making a large school transition, and getting caught up in the logistics of such a change. We felt good about our decision when we made it, but all the same, had a "wondering" in the backs of our minds about what first grade would be like.

The Kindergarten year at CMS was exactly what we had hoped. It gave our daughter the time, space, room for curiosity, and room for growing confidence and being a leader in a room of mostly younger children. She DID, almost magically, feel mastery over everything she had been taking in for the past few years. It was a joy to witness.

But now, I can speak as the proud parent of a first grader who has completed the fall semester at the Carlisle public school. She made a most beautiful transition. She has many friends. And even more than that, at the latest school conference, the teacher reported to me that she stands out as a student who helps others, who knows the right thing to do, and who is not swayed by the behavior of others when it is not appropriate. I know for sure that these are areas in which she would have faltered and had a much steeper learning curve were it not for the Montessori "Kindergarten year of mastery." She is happily integrated with new friends and holds onto her love of learning - - and her solid sense of who she is and what she thinks. My husband and I look back at our decision to stay at CMS for Kindergarten as one of the single best parenting choices we have ever made.
- Judy Bose

I had the privilege of experiencing Concord Montessori for 3 years. Watching my child develop as a happy, independent learner was wonderful to see. The staff are truly committed to the children and the school. The individual attention given to the children is not like I've seen anywhere else. I recommend Concord Montessori school without reservation.
Kerry S., Concord, MA

Our son attended the Concord Montessori School for 3 years. The teachers at CMS celebrate and nurture each child's natural inclination to learn and create a thoughtfully prepared and supportive learning environment. My son left CMS with confidence, the ability to work independently, and a love of learning that will stay with him forever. Thank you Concord Montessori School!! A true gem!
Meghan W., Carlisle, MA

This is a very special place for children to learn, grow and spread their wings. All materials are thoughtfully prepared. Teachers are thoroughly trained. Learning is an organic process comprised of interest, curiosity, exploration, interaction, practice, understanding, mastery. Children teach other children. Children teach themselves. There is an enormous sense of pride in accomplishments that are self-motivated and self-directed. Children engage with their school environment and learn the tools of academic success with very little interference from adults! At the preschool level, this is nothing short of astonishing!
Amy S, Carlisle, MA

Concord Montessori is an amazing preschool. Their outstanding program and dedicated teachers keep the children engaged and cultivates a zest for learning.
Susan M., Concord MA

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