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The Science of Montessori

Montessori teachers can never stress enough to parents the importance of their children's work in the Practical Life and Sensorial areas of the classroom. It can be difficult to appreciate when a child cannot describe what important concepts he is creating within himself as he works with the material and there is no paper output for parents to see. You've heard your teachers describe that with these materials, a child develops gross and fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and organizes his sense information. Not so obvious is the pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills that are developed. The next section describes how work in these areas prepares a child's mind and body to read.

How Practical Life, Sensorial, and Oral Language prepare a child to read

"We prepare a child's mind to read by providing an environment that is rich with vocabulary and oral language, reading books, playing games to identify sounds in words, and lots of experience with Sandpaper letters and the Moveable Alphabet. We also engage the children in exercises that train the muscles in the eye to spontaneously:

~ L. Zolfonoon

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